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Going Camping? – Tips and Guides – Part 1 – 4X4 Motoring- News Reviews Events Classifieds
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Going Camping?   –   Tips and Guides  –  Part 1

Going Camping? – Tips and Guides – Part 1

If you broke something critical – life sometimes happens – then you want to make sure you’re not stranded…4x4motoring.com has got you covered yet again!

Part 1 -Vehicle Spares!!!

Disclaimer : This list is basic and you should consult your owner‚Äôs manual for additional spares and tools you might require for your specific brand / model of vehicle. Try to get more information on the terrain you might encounter to make provision in terms of your recovery equipment (rock, sand, wet, etc.) ūüôā

Let’s begin :-

Tyre pump / Tyre pressure gauge / Tyre repair kit / Spare tube / Q20 or equivalent water displacement oil / Hydraulic fluid / Gear oil / Grease / Engine oil / Quick set epoxy glue / Insulation tape / Duct tape / Lock-tite tread fastener / Spark plugs / Electric wire / Hose clamps of various sizes / Fuses / Radiator cap / Radiator stop leak / Fuel hose / Jumper cables / Hand cleaner / Fan belt / Binding wire (clothes hanger wire) / Various nuts and bolts / U joints / Fire extinguisher / Flash light / Jack / Rags / Rope / Heavy duty plastic bags / Cable/Zip ties /

There you go… ūüôā

If any from our International Audience would like specific brand alternatives for their respective country, please reach us through  the 4x4Contact Page.

Happy Camping!


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