Hey Gang, last but certainly not at all least…You’re definitely going to enjoy the great outdoors even more knowing you’re covered in the case of a personal emergency or accident…or even in the event of the dreaded man flu!


Once again, 4x4motoring.com has got you! Our final part in this series :-


First Aid:


This list is basic and does not include prescription medication – Should you be visiting remote areas for a long period, please consult with your physician – they are more than happy to advise and can give prescriptions for additional medication you might require (such as a wide spectrum anti-biotic).


First Aid Manual / Straight splints / Latex gloves / Wound dressings – large and small /  Adhesive strips, plasters and steri-strips / Roll elastic adhesive / Conforming and triangular bandages – wide and narrow / A card of safety pins / Scissors / Forceps / Tweezer / Butterfly closures (to use instead of stitches) / Disinfectant (Dettol or Savlon) / Pain killers / Rehydration mix (Electrolite Solution) / Antihistamine tablets / Anti-nausea tablets / Anti-diarrhea tablets / Anti-septic ointment /Ant-acids / Calamine lotion /Sun screen / Lip balm / Water purification tablets / Disposable razor / Cotton wool / Sterile gauze / Alcoholo Swabs / CPR mouth pieces / Burn dressing / Eye drops / Rescue blanket