Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s Top 5 Tips to Increase the Longevity of Tyres


Tyres, love them or hate them, every car needs them. Wait a minute, nobody hates tyres. At worst we might be indifferent to them, but we don’t hate them, unless we have to replace them unexpectedly – then maybe we hate them. The truth is, nobody wants to spend more on tyres than is absolutely necessary, so the goal is always to make them last as long as possible and Tiger Wheel & Tyre offers its top tips to make that happen.

Tiger’s Top 5 Tips to Extend the Life of Tyres


  • Keep all tyres, including the spare, inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure to save on petrol consumption and keep tyres from wearing out prematurely.


  • Inflate tyres with nitrogen to keep them properly pressurised for longer, and because nitrogen makes them run up to 20% cooler, they last longer too.


  • To achieve more uniform wear on tyres, and get longer use from them, rotate, balance and align them every 10 000 km or as recommended in your vehicle owner’s manual.


  • Clean your tyres, and not just the sidewall to make them look good. Use soap and water to remove foreign substances that might cause the rubber to degrade.


  • Inspect them monthly – a visual inspection will reveal if they are wearing unevenly, allowing you to get preventative maintenance done to extend their lifespan. You’ll also discover foreign objects that might cause damage if they remain wedged in the tread.



Following this advice will not only extend the lifespan of your tyres, saving you money in the long-run, but also improve your vehicle and driving safety.


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